I absolutely love singing with my family.  We often get together to perform gigs, mostly for charity events performing in Upper Hutt.  We usually spend a couple of hours a week going over harmonies and any new songs. It’s always the best part for me – the get together. We always have a good laugh!  

We have all been incredibly lucky to have enjoyed a childhood full of music and with solo careers.  It’s completely different singing with your own blood, they know you at your core and love you unconditionally.

My father is our teacher and continues to this day making sure we sing in tune.  I don’t have kids.  My brother Mark taught his son Steve guitar.   He is now an awesome guitarist.  Hopefully my nieces and nephews will go on to teach their kids in the future and continue our family tradition.  Music has been a true gift in our lives.

Music is a language and expression of the soul.

NZ Music

I’ve been meeting a lot of NZ musicians recently and what I often hear is the comment ‘No one is making money in the NZ Music Industry any more’.  Our industry has changed radically over the past 20 years and is continuing to change at such a fast pace that it’s almost impossible to pin point a solution.  Nowadays music is mostly free via the internet with streaming sites – Soundcloud, AppleMusic, Spotify – so why ‘BUY’.

WHY BUY? ….. because unless NZ music is bought we run the risk of eventually there being no music made in New Zealand.   It will be a case of – “Can the last musician to leave NZ please turn off the lights”.   NZ musicians struggle up against the overseas acts.

Please support NZ music and keep NZ singing.  Keep NZ musicians entertaining their people.

Next time you buy your coffee think about spending a couple of dollars to help support the NZ musicians that you want to hear more of.   It now becomes a conscious decision to BUY your favorite Kiwi music supporting homegrown musicians.

Keep NZ Music Alive and it will help keep you alive.